Maldives Leadership in SINC Out Of This World


The world’s first “Space for Island Nations” conference is set to take place in Crossroads Maldives, from May 2nd to May 5th, 2023.

This event will bring together international space companies, policymakers from island nations and NGOs alongside experts in climate science and environmental management.

SINC 2023 is hosted by the Maldives Space Research Organisation (MSRO).

For government representatives from different island nations, this conference is an opportunity to network with other islands that share similar issues in climate change, erosion, maritime security, illegal fishing, and explore potential applications of space technology and uses of space data to solve these problems.

Space entrepreneurship, space education as well as building resilient communities and robust ecosystems are therefore key themes of SINC 2023.

The conference aims to foster networking opportunities between space companies and policy makers for equatorial opportunities, be that to build an ecosystem around strategic locations of islands, or to grow the blue ocean economy and even space tourism with launches from the equator.

At SINC, Earth Observation organisations will be able to connect with the needs of the island communities and derive market-driven data products, discover investment opportunities and geoanalytics solutions.

“We are thrilled to host the ‘Space for Island Nations’ conference in the Maldives. It is our first space conference and it is about time to put islands on the map,” said the Madin Maseeh, President of MSRO. “Island nations like the Maldives are particularly faced with the effects of climate change. With the Maldives’ alluring natural environment, we are sure that this conference location is ideal to witness the connection between space and nature, and experience the vulnerable beauty of our country.”


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