IDS GeoRadar Launches Hi-Sense


IDS GeoRadar has launched the new Hi-Sense algorithm for Guardian, IDS GeoRadar’s software for slope monitoring. Hi-Sense is the new state-of-the-art algorithm, embedded in Guardian software, improving productivity in radar slope monitoring.

Fast-changing atmospheric conditions are the greatest challenge in slope monitoring and IDS GeoRadar was the first to introduce on the Mining market an advanced management of atmospherics. With the new Hi-Sense algorithm the management of atmospherics in radar slope monitoring is furtherly up-scaled to provide the cleanest view on displacements, even in challenging weather conditions.

With the new Hi-Sense algorithm, effects introduced by fast-changing meteorological conditions, such as stormy weather, are processed with unparalleled fidelity facilitating the interpretation of data and improving productivity in radar slope monitoring: reduced false positives and extended sensitivity to a wider range of movement trends.

Even in fast-changing atmospheric conditions, Hi-Sense is able to support users providing the cleanest data output on radar maps, enhancing the possibility to anticipate the detection of instabilities and leading to an improved risk management in radar slope monitoring.


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