DoD Seeking Participants to Play a Crucial Role in SpaceFest Lite


The Department of Defence is calling for respondents to apply for an Invitation to Register in the Military Science and Research category to participate in SpaceFest Lite, a partnership through the internationally and locally facilitated Sprint Advanced Concept Training (SACT) event.

The Joint Project is seeking to grow Defence Space Domain Awareness (SDA) through improving the ability to detect, track and catalogue objects orbiting earth to understand and predict future events. A fundamental component of SDA is the collection of sensor data to update orbit estimates, search for new objects and characterise objects with an ability to characterise threats to Australian and allied space-based capabilities, monitor debris (human-made and natural) and identify space weather events.

Defence has sought to engage industry through a range of activities including previous SpaceFest events. Defence seeks to invite Australian industry to participate in a SpaceFest Lite activity through the SACT.

SACT is a joint civil-commercial-military, international space traffic management exercise consisting of real, sim, and sim over real events. SACT is an experimentation ground for state of the art in space traffic management, space situational awareness and space domain awareness. It is an opportunity for companies to collaborate on solving problems in the space domain, maturing their capabilities, and test tools and processes in a live operational setting.

SACT events are an opportunity for industry to test innovative concepts and rehearse in real-world scenarios and are attended by companies throughout the world.

To participate, ITR respondents are required to submit a ‘Desired Learning Objective’ (DLO) concept for consideration for inclusion in SACT.

The successful companies will be funded up to $10,000 to participate in SACT with a requirement to provide Defence with a post activity report detailing key outcomes which will be used to provide the Project and Defence with an ongoing snapshot of Australian SDA capabilities.

The objectives for the event include:

  • Industry to execute approved Desired Learning Objective (DLO) (maturing capability)
  • Industry to gain experience in SACT / working with other organizations
  • Provide exposure for Australian industry to demonstrate capability in an international environment
  • Defence to gain an insight into the capacity and capability of industry
  • Participation of Australian Industry in SACT will contribute to informing current and future tranches of as well as providing valuable insight of industry maturity

Applications close 21 October 2021 at 4:00 pm (ACT Local Time).


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