What will travel look like in 2024?


As technology continues to improve, it’s worth asking: What will travel look like in the future? Travel search site Skyscanner has a new report out on that takes a stab at answering that question.

Filip Filipov, Skyscanner’s head of B2B, said his team was amazed at the technological strides made in recent years. Looking at the trends emerging in the past decade, the team wondered how such strides would apply over the next 10 years.

The report combines the site’s online booking data with analysis from 56 experts to identify the three biggest trends that will shape a typical traveler’s experience in 2024.

1. Digital assistants

The first trend in the report is the growth of “digital travel buddies,” personalized virtual assistants that remember your preferences and join in on the road. “Miniaturized, wearable technology will be able to provide simultaneous feedback, such as real-time translations, as well as include holographic displays of airport maps or neighborhoods,” the report reads. READ MORE


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