Vyoma and Endurosat Join Forces


Vyoma has partnered with EnduroSat. A Memorandum of Understanding has been agreed upon, outlining how the two companies will support each other to improve the sustainability of space activities.

Stefan Frey, CEO, Vyoma, commented: “Ensuring space remains safe and sustainable is a shared responsibility, but to adhere to their duty, operators need better tools at their disposal. The data and services we provide enable EnduroSat to improve the safety of its satellites and the efficiency of its operations. We look forward to working together and further developing our solutions and services to help to make space sustainable.”

Raycho Raychev, Founder & CEO, EnduroSat, added: “I am really proud of Vyoma and our constant team efforts to improve sustainability in orbit. As the space industry is maturing, we need to have coherent and open ways to operate safely and to protect the safety of others. Looking forward to the next steps of the program.”

Vyoma will launch space-based telescopes that track space debris from 2024.


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