Trailblazer Speakers Announced


The federal government is providing $369 million over four years under the Trailblazer Universities Program to build new research capabilities, drive commercialisation outcomes and invest in new industry engagement opportunities.

Trailblazer Universities will become leaders in research commercialisation, with dedicated investment in strategic priority areas. Each Trailblazer University will receive $50 million, which will be matched by university and industry partners.

Through this initiative, the federal government intends to develop capabilities to address national challenges by driving research excellence and real-world impact behind Australia’s strategic priority areas. Of the 6 Trailblazer Universities Programs awarded, two include a strong space industry focus. The Australian Space Forum will showcase these two trailblazers and their visions:

Dr Sanjay Mazumdar Executive Director of the University of Adelaide – Defence Trailblazer for Concept to Sovereign Capability (CSC)

Partnering with researchers from the University of New South Wales and over 50 businesses, the University of Adelaide will lead this initiative to develop new defence and space industry technologies.

This project, designed to boost sovereign capabilities to safeguard national and regional security, will result in the development of 100 new defence products, the creation of 1000 direct job opportunities and more than 1400 additional opportunities along the supply chain.

Darin Lovett, Executive Director of the iLAuNCH Trailblazer University of Southern Queensland – Innovative Launch, Automation, Novel Materials, Communications, and Hypersonics Hub (iLAuNCH Hub)

In collaboration with the Australian National University and University of South Australia, the University of Southern Queensland will lead the Innovative Launch, Automation, Novel Materials, Communications and Hypersonics (iLAuNCH) Hub, a regionally headquartered project.

The iLAuNCH Hub will fill critical gaps in Australia’s space economy, including the production of rocket and launch facilities, satellite manufacturing, communication technologies and integrated sensing systems.


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