Syntony GNSS Partners with Xona Space Systems


Xona’s PULSAR service says it is to become the first ever Low Earth Orbit (LEO) PNT constellation while augmenting existing Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS).

“The demand for advanced and resilient PNT services is skyrocketing”, said Brian Manning, CEO of Xona Space Systems. “We are building an entire ecosystem from the ground up to address this demand. Having a full Rx-Tx solution available for all Xona signals is one of the keys to rapidly develop this LEO PNT ecosystem”.

Syntony GNSS has been the first PNT services provider to have integrated all of the Xona demo signals into its multi-GNSS simulation solution, Constellator in 2022.

Syntony has also developed a Xona-enabled GNSS receiver, as well. “We are very excited to partner with Xona Space Systems and help their users develop tomorrow’s solutions”, said Joël Korsakissok, CEO of Syntony GNSS. “Providing a Xona-enabled receiver alongside a full Xona simulation solution will allow the PNT stakeholders to speed up their development”.


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