Robotics Roadmap with a 10 Year Growth Plan


The Australian Space Agency is developing a series of 7 roadmaps which will address each of the National Civil Space Priority Areas. This is part of phase two of the Advancing Space: Australian Civil Space Strategy 2019–2028.

These priority areas make up a roadmap to deliver the greatest opportunities for the Australian space sector, to:

  • Guide and inform industry, research, and government
  • Map out the future workforce
  • Align the space sector
  • Advance the Australian space industry over the next decade

The Robotics and Automation on Earth and in Space Roadmap, is the third in a series of 7 roadmaps. It outlines a 10-year plan to support growth of this priority area. Australia’s remote operation capabilities have huge potential for the future of space exploration.

Australia is already a world leader in remote asset management in the resources sector, a capability which is also being applied to our industries like resources, transport, and agriculture.

We can leverage this expertise in robotics technology and systems for remote operation and exploration in space. Such systems are becoming more accessible with the lowering cost to access space.

Industry, researchers and Australian government agencies, peer space agencies and stakeholder organisations contributed to the development of this roadmap.

Introductions to the Robotics and Automation on Earth and in Space Roadmap will take place in February 2022. The development of each of the remaining 4 roadmaps will take place throughout 2022.


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