Perth-Based QL Space Takes Centre Stage at Indian Space Expo


QL Space has announced it has signed three of the six Australia-India space industry memorandums which were signed at the Bengaluru Space Expo 2022 on 5th September 2022. QL Space attended the expo as part of a 40-member Australian delegation led by the head of the Australia Space Agency, Enrico Palermo.

Additionally, QL Space says it will partner with Chennai-based GalaxyEye to develop a hybrid optic and radar payload to reduce the adverse environmental impact of critical mineral exploration in Australia and beyond. QL Space will also work with Bengaluru-based SatSure to build the satellite and AI-based solutions to support the agriculture, mining and defence industries, and apply space technology to the outer space environment.

QL Space also signed MOU with Hyderabad-based Skyroot Aerospace to launch a satellite from Australia and collaborate on an outer space exploration mission.

Raj Gautam, QL Space’s founder, says: “We’re excited that these memoranda will help bring to life our vision of making exploration mining more environmentally friendly. Currently, there are huge expenses in CAPEX and concern about ESG in mineral exploration. By developing the technology to allow for more targeted critical earth drilling exploration, we aim to reduce the load on capital and operational expenditure, making the process more environmentally conducive. Further, we will be developing values-based solutions with our partners for agriculture, disaster management and response, environment and beyond.”

Australia was the main partner country for the event. This comes as India and Australia continue to grow and strengthen their ties in space after the Australian federal government announced in March it was investing $42 million into space initiatives with India.


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