New space supply chain mapping tool to showcase the UK and Australian space sector capabilities


Satellite Applications Catapult, SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), and the UK Government have announced a new space supply chain mapping tool to showcase the United Kingdom (UK) and Australian space sector capabilities. Enabled by the Space Bridge, an alliance between the UK and Australia that enhances cooperation across both nations to boost respective space industries, this mapping tool will also identify opportunities for collaboration and growth.

The new space and supply chain mapping tool has been built within the existing UK Space Capabilities Catalogue (UKSCC) and extended to develop an International Comparison Dashboard with a current focus on Australia.

This project was supported by the UK Space Agency (UKSA), with matched funding for Supply Chain Tagging from the Satellite Applications Catapult and SmartSat CRC. During the initial pilot, the Satellite Applications Catapult catalogued 240 Australian organisations, which represent a significant portion of the Australian space ecosystem.

This project is another successful milestone for the Space Bridge. Over the last two years, this partnership has resulted in several exciting initiatives which include five joint research projects, funded by SmartSat CRC, the Satellite Applications Catapult, and the UK Science and Innovation Network, with the support of Austrade and the Australian Space Agency; workshops for SMEs on trade policy, export regulations, finance, and tax; and several roadshows to promote sector capabilities.

We speak with Patrick Stewart, Business & Market Modelling Lead, Satellite Applications Catapult and Dr Sarah Cannard, Industry Director, SmartSat CRC.

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