New Aerostat System for the Civilian Market


RT LTA Systems has unveiled DOVE 10, the new aerostat system for the civilian market. The new system was designed and built for civilian missions, based on the needs and capabilities of the civilian operator.

DOVE 10 incorporates cameras with relevant features based on users’ needs and will be connected to a mobile launcher that was designed according to the European transportation regulation for the wide range of civilian security missions.

The system provides 360° observation coverage and full digital recording of mission video and data. It can carry any type of payload up to 6 kg, and enables continuous day and night operations up to 600 feet for up to 72 hours, with a wind limit of 30 knots.

Mr. Rami Shmueli, the CEO of the company, recently recognized the need for an aerostat solution for civilian missions. He said, “We took on the challenge and used our vast experience with all our other systems and designed a new, affordable aerostat system for those missions.We believe that emergency management, crowd control, Wi-Fi and cellular communication, together with security missions for civilian use, are as important as border protection. We managed to build a high-quality, low-cost aerostat system that will be perfect for those clients. Our target price will be a minimum of 30% lower”.


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