NASA’s Decadal Survey on Biological, Physical Sciences


A new study report may help NASA define and align biological and physical sciences research to uniquely advance scientific knowledge, meet human and robotic exploration mission needs, and provide benefits for all over the next decade.

The agency announced Tuesday it received the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s latest decadal survey on biological and physical sciences research.

“NASA looks forward to reviewing the recommendations in detail and appreciates the steering committee and panels for their dedicated work to deliver this report,” said Nicola Fox, associate administrator, Science Mission Directorate, at NASA Headquarters in Washington. “The survey will inform a compelling new chapter in biological and physical sciences research in space and provide recommendations on ways to support the technologies and infrastructure that will be needed to carry out the science.”

The report, “Thriving in Space – Ensuring the Future of Biological and Physical Sciences Research: A Decadal Survey for 2023-2032,” includes recommendations to implement a comprehensive strategy and vision for transformative science at the frontiers of biological and physical sciences research in space.

“The continued use of space to study biological and physical phenomena enables researchers to pursue innovations and discoveries not possible on Earth,” said Lisa Carnell, director, Biological and Physical Sciences Division, at the agency’s headquarters. “We look forward to using the survey to guide our next decade of transformative science as we maintain U.S. science leadership in space.”

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