Kleos’ Observer Mission Update


Image: Picture Credit: SpaceX.

Kleos Space has advised that two-way communication has been achieved with all four Observer Mission (KSF3) satellites that launched successfully on 3 January aboard the Transporter-6 SpaceX mission.

Bi-directional communication has been achieved with all four Observer Mission satellites. The satellites’ systems are confirmed healthy.

The satellite developer, Innovative Solutions In Space (ISISPACE), will now assist with the Launch and Early Operation Phase (LEOP) including bus and payload commissioning, calibrating the Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS), and manoeuvering the satellites into their operational formation.

Kleos CTO Vincent Furia said: “We are excited to be further expanding our data collection capacity to feed our signal processing technology to deliver actionable and valuable intelligence to our customers.”

The Kleos proprietary technology platform uses signal processing techniques to convert the raw data collected from sensors onboard Kleos’ RF data collection satellite constellation that is designed to collect and downlink RF data accurately and with redundancy, into actionable intelligence.



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