Kleos Commits to Build and Launch Fourth Satellite Cluster


Kleos Space has signed new contracts with satellite builder Innovative Solutions in Space B.V. (ISISPACE) and Spaceflight Inc to build and manage the launch its fourth satellite cluster of four satellites, the Observer Mission (KSF3) in mid2022.

Kleos Space CEO Andy Bowyer said, “We are rapidly building our constellation, utilising funds from our
recent capital raise to commit to our fourth satellite cluster build and launch. Each new launch enables
us to improve satellite data collection and increase revisits over key areas of interest for our customers.
The Observer Mission increases the revenue opportunity from existing subscribers and caters to the
needs of our growing global pipeline. Spaceflight and ISISPACE have proven to be effective partners for
both our Vigilance Mission and upcoming Patrol Mission launch. We are leveraging their experience to
accelerate the build and launch of our Observer Mission.”

Kleos’ fourth satellite cluster complements the 37-degree orbit of the ‘Scouting Mission’ and Sun
Synchronous orbits of the ‘Vigilance Mission’ and ‘Patrol Mission’ satellites with up to a further 119
million km2 data collection capacity per day (Vigilance and Patrol Missions each have similar data collect

Netherlands-based ISISPACE will provide Kleos with a turn-key solution for its four Observer Mission
satellites, including design, development, production, testing, launch integration services, and support
for checkout and commissioning. ISISPACE has more than 15 years’ nanosatellite experience, successfully
built Kleos’ ‘Vigilance Mission’ (KSF1) and is currently building the ‘Patrol Mission’ (KSF2) satellites.

Jeroen Rotteveel, CEO of ISISPACE, said, “We are proud to be expanding our strategic partnership with
Kleos to build and support the launch of their fourth satellite cluster. Our extensive nanosatellite
experience spans design, manufacturing and operation complementing Kleos’ in-house engineering
expertise. We look forward to continuing to work with Kleos to increase satellite capability, leveraging
learnings from earlier launches.”

Spaceflight provided the integration, mission management, and launch services for the successful launch
of the Vigilance Mission satellites on its SXRS-5 mission in June 2021 and has already been engaged by
Kleos for the upcoming Patrol Mission launch.

Marcy Mabry, Spaceflight’s Mission Manager added, “We are delighted to be working with Kleos again
to launch its small satellite payload into a 500-600km Sun Synchronous orbit. Our portfolio of frequent
launch options provides unmatched flexibility and reliability, ensuring Kleos’ growing constellation gets
to orbit when and where they want. Kleos’ satellite technology addresses a real-world need, providing
precision geolocation data to improve situational awareness and disrupt illegal activity.”

Kleos successfully launched its Scouting Mission and Vigilance Mission satellites in November 2020 and
June 2021 respectively. Its Patrol Mission satellites are progressing through the build process and on track
for an expected January 2022 launch onboard a SpaceX Falcon 9. Identical to the upcoming Patrol Mission
satellites (KSF2), the Observer Mission will provide increased capacity and more frequent revisit times.
Each new cluster increases Kleos’ sensing and intelligence gathering capacity, generating potential for
higher-value data products and tiered subscription licenses.

Kleos’ satellites detect and geolocate radio frequency transmissions to improve the intelligence,
surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities of governments and commercial entities. Its
independent geolocation data enhances the detection of illegal activity, including piracy, drug and people
smuggling, border security challenges and illegal fishing, and is available to qualified subscribers as-aservice.

Final mission costs incurred are anticipated to be comparable with publicly available satellite build and
space rideshare costs and within the envelope of the cost of a launch advised within the prospectus.


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