How smart school technology can improve your learning environment


Wavelink_logoA smart school is a school that uses the Internet of Things and other technologies to develop an interactive and modern learning environment. This includes the use of devices such as interactive smart boards, wearables, eBooks and tablets, collaborative classrooms, smart lighting and HVAC and video/motion trackers.

A survey conducted by Extreme Networks[1], with more than 600 primary, secondary, and higher education IT managers, revealed that 46 per cent of participants believe smart schools will have a major impact on the education system over the next one to two years. However, the Extreme Networks infographic shows only nine per cent have implemented parts of a smart school plan, and three per cent plans to do so in the next one to three years.

Ilan Rubin, managing director, Wavelink, said, “Smart schools are the future for all institutions that value the quality and development of their learning environment. The benefits provided by these advanced technologies are endless. Some of the most important benefits include increased student engagement, the ability to take advantage of mobile learning, a more personalised education, improved efficiency, and reduced costs.

“Implementing a smart school does not come without risks, of course. Installing proper security measures, and providing appropriate training around this technology is crucial when introducing the smart school concept.”

According to the survey, 50 per cent of the respondents indicated security as a potential risk. Other concerns included privacy issues and interoperability. To ensure a successful implementation and deployment, most surveyed IT managers agreed that reliable Wi-Fi, network bandwidth, teacher professional development, and appropriate student devices were necessary.

Ilan Rubin said, “Educational institutions will have to take some preliminary measures when implementing a smart school concept into their existing environment but, once the initial challenges are out of the way, they can reap the benefits and take learning to a new level.”

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