Free Academic Sponsorship to SmallSat Attendees


Bright Ascension has announced it will be offering an academic sponsorship exclusively to attendees of the Small Satellites Conference in Logan, Utah in August, as it confirms the start of sponsorship applications for the upcoming 2022/2023 academic year as part of its Bright Start Academic Programme.

The company will hold a conference side meeting on August 10 , titled COTS Software for Faster and Efficient Mission Development where attendees will be encouraged to sign up for the programme and apply to be sponsored with Bright Ascension’s flight and ground software.

Bright Ascension says it created an extensive academic programme called Bright Start to help enhance future skill building within the industry.

The Bright Start Academic Programme offers free or affordable bundles of the company’s two products: Flight Software Development Kit and Mission Control Software. Through significant improvements in efficiency, lower delivery costs and increased capabilities, these software solutions allow students and researchers to launch their missions sooner, reduce risks, automate processes, and optimise spacecraft operation.

As part of the Bright Start programme, the company opens applications for academic teams to be sponsored with flight and ground software entirely free of charge. Bright Ascensions expects to sponsor up to three academic missions in 2022/2023 and confirms that one of these opportunities will be offered exclusively to SmallSat attendees.

“It is so important to support future skill building within the industry and that is why we are offering sponsorship and affordable licencing options to students and researchers,” said Peter Mendham, CEO. “We would like to encourage all interested parties to join our upcoming event to find out more about Bright Start, the missions we already sponsored and, of course, apply for the exclusive SmallSat sponsorship.”


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