Former NASA JPL leader to support Australian space researchers


We speak with former Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and a retired lieutenant general with the US Air Force, Lieutenant General Larry James (Ret.) who has been appointed by Monash University and SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre (SmartSat) to boost their respective space research strategies.

Based in Sydney, Lt Gen James will act as Strategic Advisor to SmartSat to further facilitate opportunities for international collaboration and is set to join Monash University as Professor of Space Innovation.

Lt Gen James served as Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory for 11 years, during which time he was responsible for managing the Laboratory’s $2.6 billion in annual revenues and over 6,000 strong staff working in solar system exploration, Mars, astronomy, physics, Earth science, interplanetary network programs, and all business operations.

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