BAE Systems and MBDA Collaborate


BAE Systems Australia and MBDA have announced a collaboration agreement that will support Australia as it establishes its sovereign Guided Weapon and Explosive Ordnance (GWEO) capability.

The industrial collaboration is a direct response to the Federal Government’s objective to deliver an expanded Guided Weapon capability to the Australian warfighter by introducing a diversified source of supply to the Australian Defence Force that will markedly enhance the local GWEO ecosystem.

Delivery of weapon system capabilities through the collaboration will develop enduring Australian Industry Capability through work package transfer, product assembly and test.

The initial areas of collaboration will focus on the weaponisation of BAE Systems’ Strix Uncrewed Aerial System (UAS) to meet the Army, Navy and Air Force capability needs, alongside the development of a skills and capability initiative to upskill and build capacity within the Australian GWEO ecosystem.

The collaboration can also support agreements from UK/Australia bi-lateral discussions, AUKUS dialogue and export opportunities to regional partner nations.

“BAE Systems is delighted to announce a major industrial collaboration with MBDA to establish an enhanced Guided Weapons capability in Australia. Our intent is to establish an enduring sovereign Guided Weapons capability that will leverage MBDA’s world leading Guided Weapons portfolio and combine with BAE Systems Australia’s GWEO heritage and expertise. This collaboration will enable access to the Australian innovation ecosystem that will deliver the next generation of missile capability to the ADF and allied armed forces globally. Indeed, this collaboration opens the door to future guided weapons being manufactured in part, or in whole, by Australian industry.” said BAE Systems Australia Chief Executive Officer Ben Hudson.

“Working with BAE Australia to identify and delivery weapon system capability opportunities is an important step for MBDA supporting the growth and sustainment of Australia’s GWEO industrial capability. We look forward to working with BAE Australia and engaging across Australian government and industry on co-development of future weapons systems and components and delivery of increased sovereign capability, manufacture and support of guided weapons.” added MBDA Group Business Development Director Paul Mead.


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