Australia’s First ‘Your Code In Space’ Initiative


Spiral Blue has launched the ‘Your Code In Space’ (YCIS) initiative. 

The company says as the first of its kind in Australia, the program empowers anyone, including developers, researchers and innovators from around the world, to run their custom code on Spiral Blue’s SE-1 space edge computer, facilitating real-time AI processing on satellite imagery to unlock unparalleled insights from space.

Applications that can be run on the SE-1 space edge computer include, but are not limited to:

  • Environmental Monitoring: Researchers can develop AI models that monitor deforestation, track wildlife migration patterns, detect changes in ocean temperature, and analyse air quality, contributing to our understanding of climate change and environmental conservation.
  • Natural Disaster Response: The SE-1’s AI capabilities can be harnessed to rapidly assess the impact of natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires by analysing satellite images to identify affected areas and guide relief efforts.
  • Agricultural Insights: Agricultural experts can leverage AI to monitor crop health, predict yields, and optimise irrigation by analysing satellite imagery, contributing to global food security and sustainable farming practices.
  • Urban Planning: City planners and architects can use AI to analyse urban development patterns, traffic flow, and population dynamics to make informed decisions for sustainable city growth and infrastructure planning.
  • Wildlife Conservation: AI algorithms can detect and track endangered species, monitor their habitats, and help prevent poaching by analysing satellite images of remote regions.
  • Space Exploration Support: ‘Your Code In Space’ also invites applications that aid space agencies in processing and analysing astronomical data, contributing to our understanding of the cosmos.

To participate in YCIS, developers can submit their proposals through the Spiral Blue website to gain access to the SE-1 space edge computer and its capabilities, transforming their visions into tangible reality.

Spiral Blue CTO, James Buttenshaw, proudly shared that YCIS is “enabling companies to gain space heritage in a fraction of the traditional time [by]proving to be extremely effective at removing the barriers to running custom analytics in space.”

Dr Henry Zhong, Head of AI at Spiral Blue added that “Spiral Blue is proud to have brought Your Code In Space to fruition. Through YCIS we have achieved our dual goal of making our satellite programmable, allowing third parties to run their own code on-board and drastically reducing data requirements by bringing down just useful insights.”


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