Advanced Earth Science Research


HEX20 is collaborating with LASP, NCU CAPE, LATMOS, and SKYROOT Areospace to launch the COSPAR Satellite.

This collaborative effort has been made possible with the coordination and support of the Committee on Space Research (COSPAR).

The COSPAR Satellite aims to study various aspects of Earth’s atmosphere, including atmospheric dynamics and chemistry, as well as the effects of space weather on our planet.

The satellite will also provide valuable data to support weather forecasting and climate modelling.

With this project, the collaborating teams hope to contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge and exploration.

HEX20 CEO Mr. Lloyd Lopez said, “The expertise and resources of HEX20, LASP, NCU CAPE, LATMOS and SKYROOT have combined to make this project a reality. We are proud to be working together to contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge and exploration. The COSPAR Satellite is a remarkable achievement that will benefit researchers and scientists worldwide. This joint effort is a testament to the power of collaboration and demonstrates what can be achieved when experts from different fields work together.”

COSPAR Executive Director Mr. Jean-Claude Worms said ”In 2021, we initiated a Task Group to develop a constellation of small satellites for space science missions dealing with the ionosphere, radiation belts or the Earth atmosphere, possibly extending in the future to solar system planetary missions. The aim for COSPAR is to act as a honest broker, to coordinate the programs and then distribute science data received from various payloads developed by partnering entities world-wide. I am extremely happy to see the first step of this ambitious venture materializing, through this joint project with HEX20, LASP, NCU CAPE, LATMOS and Skyroot.”


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