Adelaide Professor Says Global Conflict and Hostile Players a Space Risk


Global conflict and hostile players are a risk to space and defence industries says Flinders University Professor Rodrigo Praino, ahead of the 2nd Australian Space Cyber Forum in Adelaide later this month.

“The fact that space services are becoming more pervasive and we are becoming more dependent on them further increases the risk,” said Praino. “For example, the war in Ukraine has been referred to as ‘the first space cyber war’.”

“It showed us how a coordinated attack on space infrastructure can provide a clear military advantage to a belligerent power and also create significant security issues and economic damage to critical infrastructure, from telecommunications to the production of electricity. A cyberattack can be very damaging, and we need to be ready to defend ourselves against this threat.”

The Australian Space Cyber Forum in Adelaide (June 25-26, 2024) will address many of these issues. As well as Professor Praino, other speakers include Marco Aliberti from the European Space Policy Institute, Dr Daniel Floreani (Director, CyberOps), Lt Gen Michelle McGuinness (National Office of Cyber Security), Peter Kerr (Defence & National Security Coordinator, SmartSatCRC) the Hon Stephen Mullighan MP (Treasurer and Minister for Defence and Space Industries, South Australia), Dr Paul Scully-Power (astronaut) and Dr Jarrod Powell (General Manager, National Space Capability, Technology and Programs, Australian Space Agency).


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